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Award-winning photographer Seanna Cronin reveals her sensibility for light and color. A passion for natural history and conservation leads her to produce stories portraying our amazing oceans.

Cave diving in and around Mount Gambier, South Australia is a thrilling, but sometimes dangerous sport.
The biodiversity of marine life at Byron Bay, on the northern NSW coast in Australia, is a magnet for divers and underwater photographers. The debate about coral bleaching heats up as one James Cook University researcher speaks out against the majority.
The Mola mola's curse of fame. Is diving with Bali's sunfish becoming too popular? How award-winning underwater photographer, and real estate agent by trade, John Natoli fell in love with diving. Sharkwater director Rob Stewart talks about the challenges of making his breakthrough doco.
Freediving lesson with Australian champion freediver Mike Wells. The Spencer Gulf - South Australia's underwater playground The Tasman Sea is a remote, cold water paradise under threat. Bali's trio of islands are a relaxed escape from busy Denpasar.
Looking for more than sand, sun and blue water? Welcome to Palau. Sex sells in SA every winter for the Australian giant cuttlefish mating. Cave diving adventures in Mount Gambier, South Australia.  


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