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Teleconverter try-out dive

March 25, 2012

I thought the Nursery at Julian Rocks off the coast of Byron Bay would be the perfect place to try out my new Kenko teleconverter.

There is so much great macro life to photograph in the shallow area of rocky reef, including anemonefish, shrimp, crabs, eels and juvenile fish.

I combined the teleconverter with my Sigma 105mm macro lens, which is a bit touchy with its autofocus. I found, as expected, it was just as touchy focus-wise with the teleconverter.

Despite a bit of surge, I did get some pleasing results for my first go. Ultimately, I'd like to upgrade to the Nikon 105mm lens for easier focus.

The next chance I get I'll be experimenting with combining the teleconverter with my Tokina 10-17mm lens to see if I can get some extreme close-focus wide angle shots.





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