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Mike Ball Shark Shooter Dive

September 30, 2012

As part of our filming for Sarah Shark episode 4 - Reef Shark: The Money Shark - Kieren, Sarah and I got to take part in Mike Ball's new Shark Shooter Dive.

This special dive is separate from the main shark feed at Osprey Reef, with a maxinum of four divers. Designed to allow photographers and videographers to get better shots, te dive doesn't actually feature any feeding of the reef sharks.

The bait stays in the box so that it attracts the sharks but they don't go into a feeding frenzy, which allowed us to swim around the bommie and get closer to the sharks. I'd highly recommend this dive to photographers.

It gives you a chance to get close enough so that your strobes light up the sharks and you can select individual sharks to position against a plain blue background.


reef shark

Not sure why I like this shot but I do.

reef sharks

I had to watch this one, he seemed to be quite interested in the camera.

reef sharks

Shark and sunburst = happy photographer :)

reef sharks

Osprey's great visbility means you can get the boat in the background as well.

reef sharks

This little one was quite feisty and had quite a few scratches.

reef sharks

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