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ex-HMAS Brisbane baitfish dives

May 7, 2012

Us underwater photographers are usually chasing crystal clear visibility. But lower visibility isn't always a bad thing.

That was the case in my most recent dive on the ex-HMAS Brisbane with Scuba World. The plankton-rich water helped to draw in a large school of baitfish to the wreck, and where there are baitfish bigger predators will follow.

Instead of going inside the wreck, I decided to stay on the outside to photograph and film the baitfish and the schools of kingfish and snapper that were chasing them.

On the first dive we found that the visibility reduced greatly towards the back of the wreck so we stuck to the front half on the second dive.

Here's a short video from the dive:


The plankton did make backscatter a bit more of an issue, but I don't mind the overall murkiness of the water in the background.


HMAS Brisbane


HMAS Brisbane


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