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Coral reefscapes

June 30, 2012

I recently went on a winter escape to Far North Queensland on the Spirit of Freeom

It was my first trip out to Osprey in the Coral Sea in eight years, and a chance to finally capture some updated images of the site since the last time I was there I was still shooting on slide film.

I had such fond memories of the reefs and shark feed that several of the operators do out at Osprey, so I was hoping it was as good as I remembered.

Appreciating the 30-40m visibility just that little bit more after the bad weather we've had here in souteast Queensland, I took the opportunity to take as many pretty coral reef shots as possible.

Here are a few of my favourites. They were all taken with my Nikon D300 and a Tokina 10-17mm lens with the Nauticam mini wide angle dome port.

This one was taken late in the afternoon and the lights from the boat were giving off this strange green glow, which I really like.

Ribbon Reef

These little anemone fish were very territorial of their anemone and I got a few shots of them chasing away a pair of butterfly fish.

Osprey Reef

With this shot I saw Rob hovering in the distance and along with the sun I thought it would make a nice background to these soft corals.

coral reef

I was trying to get as close as possible to these little fish hovering over a bit of coral on top of a bommie. I managed to get some of them in but they were too shy to get right in front of the lens.

coral reef

This is my a favourite shot from the trip, taken on top of Steve's Bommie. I just love the colours of the anthias and the way they make the background more interesting than just water.

Steve's Bommie

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